The “Ultimate Apple”

Watch out, Kinderkrisp is making its way towards the big leagues! A few weeks ago a writer for food magazine, Saveur got ahold of the apple at the Minneapolis Farmers market and fell in love, calling it the “Ultimate Apple”!


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credit: Helen Rosner

credit: Helen Rosner


The Apple

ImageKinderkrisp is an exciting new apple varietie with the exceptional crispness of its parent Honeycrisp.  The additional features that Kinderkrisp brings to the table are:  earlier ripening, a slightly sweeter balance of flavor, and a smaller size, perfect for snacking and smaller appetites.  For the home owner wanting to grow their own apples, Kinderkrisp will be hard to beat.  The trees grow rapidly, fruit young, and hang crisp sweet fruit for an exceptionally long period of time.  Trees can be purchased mail-order from Stark Brothers nursery. Kinderkrisp is a brand new apple and a limited number will be available this fall at Fairhaven Farm and at the Minneapolis farmers market via Plum Crazy Orchard.